know any ones location in 5 minit

There is no need to worry if mobile is stolen or lost, here we show you an app that can help you find real time locations. With this app you can track any real time locations. The name of this app is locOf GPS Tracker, you can download it from Google Play Store. With locking, you can also check its location history, that is, what time it went, etc.
* This App keeps complete records of the location …
This app works like this …
– The phone has to register after installing this app in the phone.
In this, the user name, password and e-mail id breaks.
– Confirmation message comes on mail id and is sent to
You can login to it and track the location of others.
– Here you have to use the ID and password, which was added after registering in the app.
* About locOf GPS Tracker App …
This app works on Android 2.3 or higher. Users have called this as simple and easy. This has been rated 4.3. This app is free, this size is 3MB.
Download app Click here

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